3 Ways to Keep Records in Poker

Any poker player worth his salt understand that you need to track your results to monitor performance. If you don’t keep accurate records, how do you know if you’re up or down? Or how much money you make or lose per hour? Keeping records is a must in poker. That’s why I’ve written this article to give you three different ways to track your poker results.



Using spreadsheets is a very effective way to keep good records. That’s why companies and accountants regularly use spreadsheets for financial data. Poker playing should be kept like a business so it’s a good idea to setup a poker excel spreadsheet. By entering important data like how long you played for, what format and how much you won or lost, you’ll get a good idea on your poker performance. Once you’ve got a few months data input, you can start interpreting your results easily.


There are very useful analytic apps that help you record and track your poker sessions. They’re very convenient as you can just punch in the data in a matter of minutes. We all love using our phone so why not use your phone for poker too? If you’re already playing online poker from your phone, you may as well use an app too. These can be purchased for a relatively low fee each month and well worth the cost.

Poker Tracking Software

There are plenty of poker tracking software sites that offer downloadable clients that track your results. They’re heavily automated and do most of the work for you. The only issue comes from some sites like Party Poker banning HUDs. The poker tracking software takes data from your heads up display and converts it to meaningful data. This is not possible if you don’t have the hud running. Sites like Poker Tracker operate this software and charge annual licence fees. They’re not cheap but they are worth it if you put in serious volume.

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