How Classic Casino Games continue to Attract Players

In a world where you can visit a land based casino anytime you like or log on to the Internet to visit a plethora of different gambling brands whenever you feel like it, it perhaps sometimes can feel like there are too many games to choose from.

However, despite the large amount of games that have been developed over the last few decades, many of these real-world and online casinos have chosen to cling onto some classics as they still draw in the largest crowds. Today, we thought we’d take a look at two of the most popular casino games that continue to attract players even though they may not be quite as high-tech as their counterparts.



Roulette is by far one the most popular and most unique casino games in the world, having remained a staple in both land-based and online casinos for decades. Some online casinos even offer roulette-exclusive promotions or competitions, whilst mFortune has created a collection of free casino games apps including roulette so you can play whenever the feeling strikes you. Let’s not forget that the best roulette players are big on statistics and everyone knows that European roulette, one of mFortunes individual smartphone apps, offers the best odds for outright bets than any other variant.

There are many theories as to where roulette originates, though out favourite has to be that is was created by French scientist Blaise Pascal in 1655. As for the game’s popularity, there are many more theories. The first of these is the fact the game is so incredibly easy to learn and play. Even the most novice player can approach a roulette table with confidence knowing they are just as likely to be triumphant as an experienced player. The fact that there is a wheel involved rather than a competitor also keeps players focused on the game as this means their fate lies in the figurative hands of a white ball and a spinning wheel.

Finally, roulette is a social game whilst other casino options such as slots are less interactive. In roulette, everybody roots for the player, hoping that they’ll be triumphant, making it a truly social experience.


Whilst it may only take a few minutes to understand the rules of Blackjack, it can take an entire lifetime to master, which may be why so many people find the game so enthralling. However, getting people to play the game in the first place was quite difficult for gambling house owners of the 1800s.

It is thought that Blackjack originates from a French game created in the 1700s named vingt-et-un, which is why the game is also known as Twenty-One in some places around the world. Unfortunately, citizens in many parts of the world including the US were not that interested in playing the new game when it first appeared in local gambling houses.

To encourage players to visit the tables, casino owners and managers created payout bonuses. One of these bonuses was known as the ten-to-one bonus, which was awarded to players who got an ace of spades or a black jack. This is how the game came to be known as Blackjack in our time. Over time, some of the rules in Blackjack – as well as the bonus payouts, changed – but fortunately, the players stuck around.

Both Blackjack and Roulette are fantastic games that combine simplicity, risk and luck perfectly to create the perfect pastimes for almost anyone. They have managed to remain popular for centuries, and we hope that they will stick around for many more centuries to come.

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